Creative Talks For Designers; 15 Killing Points

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As a web professional it’s one’s job to know new things, keep thinking about new ideas. Design conferences are organized throughout the world to help web designers with brilliant talks, great ideas and so on. Amazing guys come to those conferences and exchange their excellent thoughts. But those conferences may be costly to attend or you may miss them anyhow. You are lucky that contents of those conferences are available online. All you need to do is get some times and have a look. Here are fifteen useful talks for designers like you.


1. Imposter Syndrome
Lori Widelitz-Cavallucci, Amy Silvers – Conference: Madison+ UX 2014

Web designers and other creative people have a tendency to compare their work to the best and think that they are not that good. This tendency is called imposter syndrome. This may happen in any stage of our life which do nothing but destroy our confidence. The two speakers explained this thing very well and suggested how to get over with this.


2. Get The Contract First
Mike Monteiro CreativeMornings 2012

It is so common for the new developers or designers to start working a project without getting the contract. It may seem just a formality but it’s important for you if you are a developer. It will give you and your client a clear understanding about the project proceeding. Mike and his lawyer talked about some worst cases that may happen if you don’t get the contract clearly.


3. Present Your Work Well
Mike Monteiro Interaction 15

You may create a very good design but the most important thing is to present it to your client. It may be stressful but you have to do it right. One may not make better design than you but if he can sell his project and you can’t then your project has no use. Mike also told about thirteen mistakes for designers. You may take a closer look at that too.


4. 10 Rules to Follow for Web Designing
Jeffrey Zeldman Conference: An Event Apart Austin 2013

Web designing is fun and there is a lot to think about before doing that. Normally web designers are creative and amazing but still there is always a lot to improve.  If the website is not attractive the visitors won’t wait to click away. So take a look at those rules and make yourself  better. Jeffery promised to make you from pretty good to awesome.


5. Principles for Designing a Better Mobile Web
Jennifer Gove – Conference: Google I/O 2014

Mobile phones are nowadays a strong source of web browsing. Smart phones are providing better browsing experience. So you may think about making it better with the help of this conference. Jennifer Gove is a UX researcher at Google and hopefully you’ll find it interesting.


6. 10 Things to Know About People to be a Designer
Susan Weinschenk Conference: DIBI 2012

This conference is so much interesting to find out about people’s online behavior. As a designer you will design for people so, this is a must watch for you. You’ll find out why people do what they do and what attract them most. Basically you’ll know the psychology of people and that will help you a lot to design a website for them. Take a look.


7. Make Your Site Responsive
Dan Mall SmashingConf Freiburg 2013

Dan Mall emphasized more on how a site will feel like than how a site will look like. He talked about how you can present a better website to your client without a pixel-perfect psd every time. He also suggested changing the regular way of designing and trying something new. As a designer you may find the talk so inspiring to do better design.


8. Three Ways to Design That Will Make You Happy
Don Norman

Designing is not all about making something easy to use for other people. It’s also about something that makes you feel good. If it doesn’t satisfy you then how can it will be good for others. Here’s Don Norman with three ways to make a design that may make you feel good. You want to feel good to design? This is for you.


9. Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.)
David Pogue

The most important thing about designing is keeping it simple obviously. You are so much skilled and you know a lot. With all your knowledge you make a website that has almost all the features, all kinds of  buttons and sliding and stuff. I think that will only irritate people who will use it. So keep your design simple but effective. That’s what David tried to say in his talk with a lot of fun.


10. Don’t let you CSS Be a Mess
Jonathan Snook Conference: SmashingConf Freiburg 2012

Sometimes designers complicate things by not keeping the code clean and flexible. This is the beauty of a code, being simple and understandable. Sometimes it happens that you are developing a project and after a while you can’t remember how it was coded. So better keep your code simple and easy. This talk will help you a lot in this regard.


11. A Website is Never Final
Jeffrey Zeldman Conference: An Event Apart Boston 2012

According to Jeffrey Zeldman, a website is not a brochure. It should be changed continuously according to the needs of the users. New contents should be added and make the website flexible. He showed some good example in his presentation that will help you to remember. You may spend your time to see this video and it will be well spent.


12. Know About Web Typography
Bram Stein CSSconf EU 2014

Typography is one of the most important things of a website. When you visit a website, typography plays a vital role to attract you. If you are new to web designing and want to know about web typography, this video is definitely for you. Everything you need to know about web typing is in this talk. So check it out.


13. Build Creative Confidence

David KelleyFirst of all you are a web designer who creates new designs for people. People will always want something new that they haven’t seen before. So being creative is the main thing here and also confident. Without confident your creativity will have no use. So watch the video, listen to David and know how to do it and what to do. Be creative and provide something good.


14. Take Inspiration From The Great Examples
Simon SinekSimon Sinek emphasized mostly on feeling what you are doing. You may know what you are doing and how you are doing but the most important thing is why you are doing it. So, at first you have to be sure about the purpose of what you are doing. You may take inspirations from the great people or organizations. This talk is worth watching to know your purpose.


15. Set your Destiny
Philippe StarckNo matter what you do you must have a plan for the future. As a designer you may think about how you want to improve more, how your skills may develop day by day. Starck said it in a very convincing way in the video. It’s a 17 minutes video with enthusiastic speech. You will be able to inspire yourself and plan for a better future.

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