Effective Productivity Tools For Developers

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Time. Undoubtedly the most precious asset we have. Working hard is the only key to success — The old word of wisdom is not entirely true. To be successful, you not only have to work hard but also have to work in the most efficient way. It happens to a lot of us that even after working days and nights when we look back, we see we haven’t got much far from where we’ve started. And that is not very efficient. This highly competitive world doesn’t have much space for those who fall behind. That’s where productivity comes in. The more you can accomplish, the more productive you are. And the more you are productive, the more successful you are. It’s all about reaching your goal in the minimum possible time while keeping your same best quality. Innumerous tools and apps exist to help you with that. And that’s exactly what makes it harder to find out the perfect one. To save you some time picking the right tools, we jotted down some of our favorites here. Though most, or some of these tools can serve a good purpose in a lot of different working fields, we tried to judge them via the eye of developers/programmers. Feel free to use them in your own way to cater your needs. So, here we go with some of the best productivity tools for developers!


Keep / Evernote

Note taking is a hugely important part of any creative work. It helps you save your thoughts, insights, and ideas. There are a lot of good apps out there to help you keep your notes organized and accessible. It’s a hard task to name the best out of them. But if I had to, I’d say Google Keep.

google-keep | productivity tools for developers


A lot of people will argue on that for Evernote. Evernote is a really old guy in the game. It’s immensely popular till date for it’s extremely rich list of features. Keep and Evernote both lets you create notes on the go and organize them in different category, colors, tags etc.

evernote | productivity tools for developers

But these productivity monsters doesn’t stop there. They give you the opportunity to include image, audio, video, and even hand drawing within the note. You can also set reminders so that you never forget your next task again. Heck, they can even import task from your e-mails! You can create your to-do list with checklist and you can share anything of these with other people and invite them to collaborate. They both have browser extension with which you can save any content from the web. Describing all of their feature will take me hours after hours. So just know that they are more powerful than you can imagine of a note taking apps. Both of these amazing apps is accessible from any kinds of device. They work both online and offline and can sync data across all signed in devices. What more can you expect? I don’t think there’s any need of explaining of how these (at least one of them) apps is a must-have productivity

Both of these amazing apps is accessible from any kinds of device. They work both online and offline and can sync data across all signed in devices. What more can you expect? I don’t think there’s any need of explaining of how these (at least one of them) apps is a must-have productivity tools for developers. My opinion about these two apps is kind of biased since Keep is my ‘cant-live-without’ apps for a long time now. I love Keep because of it’s simplicity. You should try out both of them and choose the one you like more. The apps can be installed from here: Keep for Android, Keep for iOS, Evernote for Android, Evernote for iOS.



pocket | productivity tools for developers

Internet is distracting. All of us know how hard it is to keep our focus locked on the things that we really need to get done. Sometimes we just can’t resist ourselves from the impulse to read that interesting blog article or that funny cat video. Yeah, it hurt our work. But why should we deprive us of all those good stuff that we love? No reason at all! One simple solution for this is to save all those distracting goodies for later time when we don’t have work. And that’s where Pocket can come in handy. It lets you save any article or other content from the web to your personal pocket and then take a look at them later. Not just that, you can even build up your network by following people you like and you’ll be able to read what they are reading. Pocket also recommend you article based on your taste. Cool, right?
People who work with tech, have to spend a lot of time on the internet. That’s why I think Pocket is one of the must-have productivity tools for developers. Pocket have mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can push stuff to Pocket via browser extension or your e-mail.



buffer | productivity tools for developers

If you’re into social media thing, then this one is for you. Buffer lets you automate your social media post. If you manage any business or groups on social media, then you know how crucial it is to update your audience every regularly. Now think about how much time you spend to tweet those new blog post everyday! You can let Buffer do it for you. Buffer can post update post across various social media all by itself. You just tell buffer what you want to post, and buffer can even choose the most suitable time to post it. Buffer analyze social usages like when most of the retweets or click happens and then choose the most effective time. You can change this to your desire if you want of course. Buffer can post item seamlessly through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some other social network as well. You can pile up enough post for an entire week or even more at once. Buffer also offers browser extension through which you can share content from any web page.



github-mark | productivity tools for developers

If you are developer or programmer, then there’s absolutely no need to introduce you with GitHub. It’s the home for programmer and all open source project. GitHub is a git management system that is used by almost every single developer across the world. It helps to maintain the work of different people and makes it possible for a lot of people to work on the same project. We don’t really realise how much of a productivity tool it is. Imagine if there was no GitHub at all! How hard it would be! Simply put, GitHub is the most important productivity tools for developers that they just can’t go without.



trello | productivity tools for developers

Collaboration has never been so easier! Trello helps you manage you project better. Communicating with your team, keeping them updated, getting feedback from them, keeping the project progress updated while being aware of all the uncompleted task that needs to be done; these are some situations where trello can come in as a life saver. You break down your project in bits of workable parts and assign them time/deadline. The whole process of the project can be broken down into several levels starting from beginning to finish. When some particular task is done, it gets a promotion from one level to another on the trello board. Trello is used very widely in current industrial environment. All the main and basic features of Trello is free. However, You can go premium for added extra features.



slack | productivity tools for developers

Slack is a messaging app for team communication. A lot of companies are ditching E-mails for the sake of slack. It solves a big number of problem when it comes to team communication. Distraction free team communication on social media is just isn’t possible to do in 2016. Slack offers all the things a team might need. It keeps the communication amazingly organised. You can categories chats on different topics and create different channels. Creation of private channel where only selected people are allowed is also possible if you need it. Slack runs on almost every platform. So getting in touch with team is not a problem no matter what device you use. Slack also allows file sharing. Integration with sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub etc, universal search capability is what made Slack a must-have productivity tools for developers.



basecamp | productivity tools for developers

Basecamp is another solution for team and project management. In fields like web development and design, usually, a lot of people is involved. The project manager, designers, developers, everybody needs to be within a common ground which provides a seamless communication between them. Basecamp was created with just that in mind. It provides everything a project work might need. Starting from messaging to file sharing along with to-do list, writeboards etc. It’s a web app, so everyone on the team can access in their browser. No hassle of installing anything. Really effective productivity tools for developers who works in company.



feedly | productivity tools for developers

No matter which sector you’re in, a lot of reading is essential to keep yourself up to the trend. And if you are a developer, then it’s just crucial. Since web has become the primary source of reading material now a days, it’s really very hard and time-consuming to visit all your favourite blogs and read latest article. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could gather all the stuff you want to take a look in one single place? Well, if you answered yes, then feedly is what you’re searching for. When you tell feedly what your favourite blogs, websites and news source is, feedly can gather all the latest stories from those site and make a personalised news feed just for you only with the content you want. You can also include your favorite youtube channel. Moreover, you can customize content into groups depending on their topic and make ‘collections’ which is great if you want to check stories from particular topic only. The more you use it, the more of a productivity tools for developers it becomes.



coffitivity | productivity tools for developers

This one is fun! Do you work from home? A lot of developers, freelancers do. Whether or not, do you sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on your work? Yeah, I know, right? We all do. But science has recently found that a little dose of ambient noise is actually helpful for concentrating rather than a completely silent environment or an environment where everyone is screaming around you. Coffitivity plays beautiful ambient sound to get your creative juice flowing. You can go to the site and hit play to get inside a cafe instantly. Various different sound option is available. As developer have to spend a lot of time on their screen, Coffitivity can be a very useful productivity tools for developers to minimise the boredom.


Pomodoro Technique

pomodoro | productivity tools for developers

If you ever explored the world of lifehacks or time hacks, then you might have heard of Pomodoro already. It’s a time management concept created by Francesco Cirillo in 1980. The concept is to break down the estimated time of your project into chunks of 25 minutes and take a short break of 5 minutes after completing every chunk. Each of these time chuck is called a Pomodoro. After doing 4 Pomodoro in a row, you take a long break of 15-20 minute. That way, you can avoid a lot of mental fatigue while getting your project done in less time. A lot of people is fan of Pomodoro technique as it helps to achieve maximum focus and freshness. It also helps user to avoid the impulse to multitask, which ultimately results in better concentration. Science has proven long ago that the depth of concentration of an average person starts dropping after the first 25-30 minutes. So it’s a good idea to take a break between work so your body and mind get some rest and you can be really attentive to your work. However, Not everyone is a big fan of Pomodoro technique. It doesn’t work for everyone or every type of work. Some task is better left uninterrupted. Try it out yourself and decide how you want to use it. If used properly, Pomodoro can be a great productivity tools for developers. While you can simply use your clock to follow the Pomodoro technique, a dedicated tool might come in handy. A lot of apps and extension is available on the internet. You can try out this app for android, Or this extension for chrome.


What is your favorite productivity tools for developers?

That’s some of our favorite tools we use and believe that it helps. What is your favorite tools to boost your productivity or avoid unwanted hassles in everyday tasks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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