Innovative Web Animations That Will Amaze You

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It’s the age of Web Animation!

Remember the time when the web only consist text and colors? No image, no video, no web animation, no movement, nothing! How boring was that? Most of us will find it hard to even imagine! The Web is beautiful today. It’s exploded with colors, images, amazing hover effects, eye catchy interactivity, buttery smooth animations and even videos. As the time’s going, all these is becoming way too norm. Nice sliding animation and effect isn’t enough anymore to impress the users because that’s what every other site do. To really stand out from others, to grab the attention of your users and blow their mind, you have to be innovative. You have to come up with something that the user haven’t seen before. Something that feels different. But coming up with unique style isn’t everydays task. It takes practice and patience. And to keep yourself on the track, you need inspiration and idea. Today, we have collected some cool unique and innovative web animations that will make you wonder. That will also inspire you and will give some concept to come up something amazing! Lets dive in.


Let’s fly to The Isle Of Hornøya!

fuglefjellet | Innovative Web animation

The small Isle Of Hornøya is home to 70,000 birds every summer. Norwegian broadcasting company (NRK) has mocked up the Isle amazingly in it’s site. When you enter the site, it will welcome you with a top view satellite image of the Isle. As you scroll down, the imagery starts to move around and show you a total overview of the place with aerial photography while showing you info about different part and direction of the place. Take a look at it here.


3D Wire to amaze you!

20161110-143818_capture | Innovative Web animation

This demo by playmouth will take your breath away. Just click this link and the animation visualization will start immediately. With changing color every couple of seconds, It will make you wonder how they made it!


Go back to paper again with Printed by somerset

printed-by-somerset-paper-website | Innovative Web animation

Printed by somerset is a company that works with paper and print stuff. To expose the beauty and their love for paper, they’ve made up a website entirely with papers. Websites with paper, sounds deceiving? Check it out yourself!

B&O Play shows you how to show-off product

b-and-o-play-zoom-on-hero | Innovative Web animation

B&O Play is a technology company that produces a wide range of headphones and speakers. Their specialty is, they don’t just care about how their product works, they also give a high priority to how their product looks. And to demonstrate that point, They’ve put their products on models, taken sharp photos and shows you the beauty of both as you scroll through their site. Experience it here.


Tickle Kikk with your mouse

kikk-playful-animation-hero | Innovative Web animation

Kikk is an organization based in Belgium that promotes digital and creative culture. They try to bridge all sort of art with technology through events, educational projects etc. Being an art company, Their website itself is piece of art. Take a look at their site here.

The homepage features an amazing animations where they play with depth, texture, and movement. The event posters also have some 3D hover effects that responses to your cursor as it moves.


Flavours in colors

homer-hudson-scrolling-ice-cream | Innovative Web animation

Yeah, I know you love ice-cream. I do too. But the way Homer Hudson shows off their different flavors isn’t really fair. It makes me want to have ice-cream right away. On their snappy site, all you need to do is to place your cursors left and right on the page and it scrolls automatically. With changing color, they present different flavored ice-cream cub they offers. Go have some ice-cream here.

Not for Rain Lovers

quechua-rainfall | Innovative Web animation

Quechua is clothing company. They make Rain coat named Rain-cut. And if you enter in their website, it’ll make your screen wet. So be cautious. The effect of raindrops running down my screen gives me goosebump. I can’t my eyes away! Head over here to have rain.


Simplicity beyond Simplicity

klasse-grafik | Innovative Web animation

Analytische Grafik – One of the Germany’s leading graphics institution, shows you how simple things can be. When you enter the site, you’ll see nothing but black text on white background. But head over to portfolio section and choose any link of any project. Tada! The page splits down into two parts and shows you the images! Check it out here.

That’s it for now! What type animation do you like? Have you seen any animation that scared you with it’s amazingness? Don’t forget to share it with us and let us know what you think about these animations. Hope we got you inspired. Good day!

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